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That’s the key skill in Italian though.

Rofl! Even funnier because there is a strong grain of truth in this!!

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My bad ;) I thought you’ve previously said that you were “moving”, so in my head (sometimes my head works strangely…lol) You’ve moved to Dublin - Ireland ;) - Well, you are a lucky one than … I would love to visit one day.

Ah! Now your thought processes makes total sense - you’re right, I did actually move recently, but I only moved house, not city/country. I love Ireland but if I were ever to move, I’d probably move somewhere less rainy! I adore Italy and France but I’m really terrible at languages, so I’d probably spend my life smiling and nodding at people - okay for holidays, but not so great for residency! My French is laughably bad, and my Italian is only good for buying coffee!

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You’ve moved to Dublin? I’m officially jealous! I have this unconditional / Unexplained attraction - love for Ireland :))

Rofl! I’ve always lived in Dublin - well, since I’ve been 12 - why? Where did you think I lived?

It’s a Canon bridge camera. I use a Canon EOS (Digital SLR) at work, which takes an amazing photo but I can’t really justify the cost of buying one for home as well! A bridge camera is nearly as good, however and, as it’s on sale, I won’t feel too frivolous!

lol TO cast have basically forced Shatner to give their show a chance. So he didn't like the 5 minutes he saw of their show, why are they taking it so personally and tweeting him like mad? I honestly hope he hates it and shades the fuck out of it. But he seems nice so he probably won't.

— Anonymous

He won’t shade but he will snark and the cast from this show has zero sense of humour when it comes to that sort of thing - it’s all hate you know, because this show is the next GoT and not a campy melodrama at all, at all.

They’re eager for him to tweet his show because when WS tweets about a show, they’re is always a correlating uptick in the viewership as people livewatch along with him. (He has 1.8 million followers on Twitter) He watches SPN because of Misha and that’s always hilarious because they have very similar senses of humour (which is another reason, I don’t think this isn’t going to work well for TO, unless they take the muzzle off DG and let him loose. I think he’s the only cast member who has a similar sense of humour and will not get too butthurt about it)

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"I get quite a few Khaleesi jokes a fair amount of the time. They kind of all blur into one, but there have been some doozies. No matter how many muffins I bribe them with, I still get the Khaleesi thing! You’d think they’d chill out a little bit, but no. I’m normally the first to take the piss out of myself, so I kind of encourage it, I suppose."

1*18 scored a 0,5 in A18-34 wich is the CW target audience, tvmediainsights(.)com/cbs-and-nbc-split-tuesday-leadership/ , in feb CW said that TO had a 0.9 in A18-34 so thats a mighty steep fall in only 4 or 5 episodes tvbythenumbers(.)zap2it(.)com/2014/02/11/the-cw-up-in-adults-18-49-total-viewers-season-to-date/236469/ NOTE thats also the last press release about TO and TVD from CW so they know they have nothing to brag about and no numbers to spin anymore, PS never stop ranting about TO ;)

— Anonymous


Oh, wow.  That is fucking GREAT detective work. God bless, anon.


Shatner actually likes PTs acting. He tweeted her telling her she was "deliciously sinister" on the secret circle.

— Anonymous

Lol! I honestly think he may reconsider after seeing TO. Pheobe had a LOT more direction and handholding from KW on TSC. (While TO doesn’t seem to have the time or budget to walk her through her scenes. I’ve heard they got an acting coach in on the film floor nowadays, but I’m not really seeing the results.)